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House of Horrors

I thought it may be of some interest to create a section to show poorly installed work and general problems that I come across from day to day which I am asked to correct.

50mm Rust Hole In Boiler Casing

Perfect Heating And Plumbing - boiler   Perfect Heating And Plumbing - boiler rust
A Client called me as she was unhappy with her boiler that somebody had looked at it for her  

It had clear mastic the type to seal around a bath spread across the top of it.  It was quite clear looking through the mastic that the boiler casing had suffered for a leak which had rusted the casing.  I did not have to press very hard to remove the mastic which revealed a 50mm hole

Perfect Heating And Plumbing - Rust hole in boiler    
Top of boiler casing with the mastic removed    
The family were lucky that they had not suffered from carbon monoxide poisoning.  The boiler was made safe and replaced.

Incorrect Cable Used On An Immersion Heater

Perfect Heating And Plumbing - Burnt Wiring   Perfect Heating And Plumbing - Burnt Wires Immersion Heater
Called out to replace an immersion heater and found that normal cable, that would be used to for a ring main circuit, not heat resistant, had been used.  You can clearly see that the cable had started to melt.  The client was very lucky that this had not caused a house fire.   The immersion element was changed and the correct heat resistant cable installed (not shown)

Leaking Boiler

Perfect Heating And Plumbing - Boiler leak   Perfect Heating And Plumbing - Boiler Leak
This boiler had not been serviced for many years.  It had been leaking for years but had gone un-detected.  The boiler has now been replaced.

Badly Supported Cold Water Cistern

Perfect Heating And Plumbing - Water Tank Badly Supported   Perfect Heating And Plumbing - Water Tank Correctly Supported
A common problem encountered.  A cold water storage cistern contained 50 gallons, 227 litres of cold water which weighs 500lbs or 227 kilos.  The photo shows the supporting board made from chip board.  Chip board in not strong enough, especially if if become wet or damp.  If this tank had been left, the plastic tank could have dropped through the chip board or split.   The base board was replaced with 18mm plywood and additional supporting  beams added.

Expanding Radiators Due To Extreme Pressure & Internal Rusting

Perfect Heating And Plumbing - Radiator expansion

  Perfect Heating And Plumbing - Radiator
This is a radiator which has expanded due to pressure and internal rusting.  The cause of the problem was firstly the original heating system had be converted badly when a new boiler was changed 15 years ago.  The installation was left with only a 15mm combined cold feed and open vent.  To meet current regulation a heating system should have at least 15mm cold feed and a 22mm open vent correctly installed

In this case the cold feed had become blocked,  so it could not allow the expanding water within the radiators to expand safely up into the header cistern in the loft.  So the water expanded within the radiators and found the weakest point, this radiator.  Although not really indicated by the photo the radiator had expanded by over 75mm.  The radiator itself is still strong, I laid it flat and jumped on it (82kg) several times, it had no effect.  I expected the panel to pop back in.  It just goes to show how much pressure must have been in the central heating system.

It was a good job that the Client noticed this radiator hidden behind the sofa, and that it had not split, which would have sent water at 80 degrees spraying into the room.


Pipes Through Floor Joists Cause Noise

Perfect Heating And Plumbing - Pipes Through Floor Joist   Perfect Heating And Plumbing - Pipes through floor joist
The Client was complaining about his central heating pipes making loud noises when heating up and cooling down.  Having taken most of the floor up and finding heating pipes having no felt between them and the wooden joists and pipes wedge up against floor joists in many areas, I found this nightmare.  The left hand photo shows two 22mm heating pipes that have been installed vertically through a floor joist, this is something that you never do. The joist was 50mm wide, due to the two holes which had been drilled vertically through it, it now only has 10mm of timber remaining.  The right hand photo is another shot of the two pipes from a lower angle.

This installation has left the floor joist in a dangerous state, all that is holding it up, is the 10mm section of timber remaining by the pipes, and the floor boards nailed to it.  The floor will start to bounce and the ceiling below will crack.  The Client was informed and advised to have the joist bolted together.

These pipes were rubbing against the wood, as they passed through the drilled holes, causing the noise.  These pipes were cut out and made smaller as they were only supplying one radiator downstairs.

Cold Water Storage Cistern Installed In A Very Small Wedge Shaped Loft   I Never Did Find Out What This Was All About
Perfect Heating And Plumbing - small working space   Perfect Heating And Plumbing - Hot Water Cylinder
This photos shows an installation of a cold water storage cistern and the smaller heating header cistern right at the back.  I was asked to advise on the installation. The space was so small even I could not get in there, and I am quite slim.   During a house inspection survey for a prospective purchaser I found this unusual installation in the airing cupboard.  Expanding foam had be sprayed around the top of the hot water cylinder.

When Water Gets Behind Tiles Around A Bath

Perfect Heating And Plumbing - Water behind tiles   Perfect Heating And Plumbing - Bad water proofing detail
Not the best of photos, but indicates what happens when water gets behind wall tiles.  The grout had cracked between the tiles and the Client did not thing about it for years.  The complete wall was removed and re-constructed using a 100% waterproof boarding.
Burnt Control Cable   Cold Water Storage Cistern With Cardboard Lid
Perfect Heating And Plumbing - Burnt Wires   Perfect Heating And Plumbing Dirty cold water tank
Whilst servicing a boiler I had to remove some panelling above it.  I my horror I found that the boiler control cable had been burnt.  This cable was removed and replaced.   I was called to this property where the shower was not working correctly, it had a very poor flow rate.  Upon inspection of the internal workings of the shower I found a soft brown substance blocking the water ways.  After cleaning the shower mixer, I went to look in the loft to find the cause of the problem.

I found that the cold water storage cistern full of cardboard.  I guess that somebody had made a lid/cover from cardboard.  The inside of the cardboard lid got wet and fell into the cistern.  The cistern was drained out, cleaned and a plastic lid installed.

Earth wired used as a live feed
Perfect Heating And Plumbing - Room Stat   Perfect Heating And Plumbing - Room Thermostat
Room Thermostat Wired with 2.5mm twin and earth used the bare earth conductor as a LIVE switched line.  Although the earth conductor has been covered in yellow and green sheaving this is dangerous as the cable has no earth.   Corrected installation using 4 core cable
Leaking Pipe Under Bath   Leaking Radiator

Perfect Heating And Plumbing - Bath water pipe leaking


Perfect Heating And Plumbing rusting radiator

This pipe must have been leaking for years.  Its total covered in lime scale.  The pipe is in fact a braided hose, in which the steel braiding has been eaten away just leaving the rubber tubing.  You never know what you are going to find.   I was amazed to see this when a Client asked me to change her radiator.  Why do people leave it until the last moment. The radiator must of been like this for years. The system was drain out and the radiator capped off and made safe.  The new radiator was installed

Perfect Heating And Plumbing - none soldered joint

Called to a property were the client gas had been turned off by Transco due to a gas leak.  Upon investigation a non soldered joint was found.  This joint had only been fluxed.  The gas pipe and appliances were vented and a repair made.     
Waste Pipe Blockage   Blocked Heating Pipes

Perfect Heating And Plumbing - Blocked waste pipe

  Perfect Heating And Plumbing - Dirty feed and expansion cistern F & E
A basin waste was draining away very slowly.  After clearing the trap no improvement was made.  I could not rod the waste pipe.  Upon cutting through a horizontal section of the waste it was found to be also completely blocked.  The pipe is 32mm in size.  The waste pipes was completely replaced and installed at the correct angle.   Blocked heating pipes caused by the feed and expansion tank not having a cover.  Dirt had entered into the tank and drawn into the heating pipes causing a blockage
Incorrect Pipe Clips & Exposed Pipes Within Loft Space    
Perfect Heating And Plumbing - Pipes poorly clipped   Perfect Heating And Plumbing - pipe correctly insulated
Heating pipes within a loft space clips using nailed clips.  It is impossible to insulate pipes correctly using these clips   Clips with stand-off's were used to allow the insulation to pass around the pipe
Have Your Boiler Serviced Yearly    
Perfect Heating And Plumbing - boiler servive



  Perfect Heating And Plumbing - boiler service

Perfect Heating And Plumbing - boiler service

Three photos indicating a boiler that had not been serviced for 3 years.  The dirt upon the dust sheet is some of the dirt and scoot that came out of the heat exchanger    
Immersion Heater Problems  

Service a boiler after another company had changed the Fan

Perfect Heating And Plumbing - immersion heater   Perfect Heating And Plumbing - boiler service
The new and the old.  This is what happens to an immersion heater after years of use.  The outer casing splits and then it just blows the fuse ever time you try and turn it on   During the Christmas break another company had been used to change the boiler fan.  I was called in January to service the boiler.  To complete both  jobs the boiler casing has to be removed.  I was shocked when I removed the casing to find the above, it shown part of the old fan and a large amount of dirt that should have been removed by the other company.  It's a large company that has personalised number plate on most of their van
Deadly Electrical Installation
Perfect Heating And Plumbing   Perfect Heating And Plumbing
This deadly electrical installation was uncovered during a gas tightness test.  The left photos shows bare earth conductors.  The right photo indicates bare earthing conductors and jointed.  The customer was informed to have a electrician make the installation safe.
Perfect Heating And Plumbing - dangerous boiler   Perfect Heating And Plumbing - dangerous boiler
This boiler has an exposed single wall flexible flue liner.  This is very dangerous and does not comply with any regulation.  Flexible flue liners must only be used with an existing chimney breast fro example where it is protected.  The boiler has now been replaced with an A rate Worcester Bosch combination boiler located within the kitchen.
Non Return Valve Installed On Open Vent From Hot Water Cylinder
Perfect Heating And Plumbing - hot water cylinder   Perfect Heating And Plumbing - hot water cylinder
Perfect Heating And Plumbing - hot water cylinder   Perfect Heating And Plumbing - hot water cylinder
5 years ago a company had installed a shower pump and a non return valve upon the open vent from a hot water cylinder.  I assume the non return valve had been installed as the shower pump would have sucked air down the open vent pipe causing the pump to malfunction. ( the cold water tank is located directly above the hot water tank) The open vent should be open, and discharge over the cold water tank.  Having a non return valve fitted meant that when hot water was drawn from the cylinder, the cylinder started to implode, so much so the a small pin hole appeared in the side of the cylinder.  The client who is in a first floor flat had been very lucky that the cylinder had not split and releasing 30 gallons of hot water across the floor.  The cylinder was replaced and an anti aeration device fitted for the supply to the shower and a 22mm open vent installed.  Last photo taken before the immersion heater element had been electrically connected.
More Dangerous Wiring    
Perfect Heating And Plumbing - bad wiring   Perfect Heating And Plumbing - bad wiring
More poor wiring, wires twisted together and wrapped in tape.  This installation was made safe. -