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The Gas Safe Register recommends that every gas appliance is serviced annually.

Gas appliances should be serviced annually to ensure safe operation, maintain efficiency and can also prolong the life of the appliance, any defects found can be rectified before they could cause any problems. Our fully trained and qualified engineers will carry out a full service professionally.

VERY IMPORTANT – You must use a flue gas analyser to service modern boilers.  Always check to see if the engineer has one, like the ones pictured right.

They is an increasing problem with concealed flue pipes within ceiling and enclosed spaces.  Asbestos seals in older boilers are also a problem.

The government has issued safety guidelines regarding gas appliances, which should be adhered to at all times.

  • Do not attempt to use any gas appliance that you think may be faulty. Warning signs can include flames that are yellow or orange (if they aren’t intended to be this colour), stained or sooty appliances and pilot lights which frequently go out.

  • Do not block air vents on appliances or cover the appliance in any way.

  • Do not obstruct or block airbricks or ventilation grilles.

  • Do not cover or block flues.

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