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Gas Boiler Safety Certificate (CP12)

Gas CP12 Landlords Gas safety inspections checks

As a Landlord/Lady you should be aware that you are legally required to have your gas appliance inspected and tested every 12 month by a Gas Gas Registered Engineer.

We are able to issue gas safety certificates at short notice. We regularly work on behalf of landlords and are happy to liaise with your tenants and fit in around their schedule. It is a legal requirement for landlords to have all the gas appliances in a rented property safety-tested every 12 months by a Gas Safe registered engineer. We are able to send you the completed certificate in a PDF format via email.

Update: Gas Safe regulations are changing. Flues hidden within ceiling and wall voids now need inspection hatches to be installed. Read more about flues in voids here. You can also read more on the HSE website.

Gas safety certificates cost £70 for up to two appliances (cooker/hob  and boiler). Checks on additional appliances are charged at £20  each.

During the inspection should your appliances require repair or servicing, we will contact you to advise you about the problems and provide you with a quotation.  If we are able to carry out the additional works during our initial visit we would normally be able to reduce the cost.

Upon completion of all necessary safety checks you will be issued with a gas safety certificate. This certificate will be proof that all appliances are safe to use; a copy will need to be given to your tenant, and you will also need to retain a copy for two years.

Safety inspections tests include:

Gas Pipework and Fittings

  • Visual inspection of accessible surface mounted gas pipework.
  • Full system soundness test to confirm no gas leaks in property.
  • Inspection of the gas meter.
  • Check the operation of the emergency control valve (ECV).
  • Check for electrical bonding to ensure that electrical continuity is present to the gas pipework.

Gas Appliances

  • Visual Inspection
  • Operation check of all gas isolation valves.
  • Check for sign of spillage or distress.
  • Appliance check for gas soundness.
  • Standing and working gas pressure check at the metre and the appliance.
  • Burner pressure/gas rate checked against manufacturer’s data plate/manual.
  • Ensuring satisfactory operation of all flame failure (safety) devices.

Flue And Ventilation

  • Visual inspection inside and outside of the property.
  • Ventilation check.
  • Flue flow test to ensure removal of products of combustion.
  • Check for any flues in voids.


  • Checks for any installation defects that don’t comply with current regulations.
  • Investigation into any evidence of unsafe operation and report to the responsible person.

Failure to hold a valid gas safety certificates can result in prosecution, and can also invalidate your property insurance. The landlord is responsible for this aspect of their tenants’ safety, and if non-compliance were to lead to a death from carbon monoxide poisoning, the landlord comay be charged with manslaughter.

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