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X800 Central Heating Cleaner

Sentinel X800 Jetflo Ultimate Cleaner

A heavy duty cleaning formulation designed to remove corrosion deposits and scale from boiler heat exchangers, radiators and pipework in domestic central heating systems.

It has been developed especially for use with power flushing machines. Sentinel X800 Jetflo cleaning solution is compatible with all commonly encountered metals and alloys, including aluminium. Although effective when used in conventional gravity/circulation cleaning cycles, the product’s full benefits are achieved when used in conjunction with a powerflushing machine such as Sentinel’s Jetflush.

A powerful, highly active cleaning agent for use in central heating systems, it will remove objectionable iron oxide and calcium based deposits from heat exchangers, radiators and pipe work. Its unique composition allows Sentinel X800 Jetflo to act as a penetrating dispersant under neutral pH conditions, eliminating the need to clean with conventional acids and the problems associated with them. The formulation also contains agents to help protect metal from corrosion.

  • Powerful removal of all major foulants and debris
  • For all systems, old or new, hot or cold
  • Ideal with or without power flushing
  • Exceptional results when power flushing
  • Harmless to the environment, completely non-toxic and biodegradable

entinel X800 Jetflo is suitable for use with all commonly encountered metals and alloys.


1 Litre bottle


A 1 litre bottle of Sentinel X800 Jetflo is sufficient to clean a typical system of up to 10 radiators. For larger systems, 2 litres of product should be used. Where systems are badly fouled, a higher concentration is recommended, i.e. 2 litres of Sentinel X800 Jetflo in a typical system, though the product will not clear a completely blocked pipe.

To clean an existing system in accordance with BS7593:2006 it is strongly recommended that Sentinel X800 Jetflo is used with power flushing equipment which will provide a more rapid and effective clean. In such case, Sentinel X800 Jetflo will be administered via the power flushing equipment (follow equipment manufacturer’s instructions). Alternatively, Sentinel X800 Jetflo should be circulated, preferably at normal operating temperature, with all valves open and the pump turned to maximum flow for a minimum period of 1 hour or until satisfactory performance is restored.

After cleaning, the system should be drained and flushed until the water runs clear. On refilling, the system should be treated with Sentinel X100 Inhibitor, or Sentinel X500 Inhibited Antifreeze.


Powerflushing: Follow the instructions supplied with the powerflushing machine.
Open Systems: Dose via F&E cistern, via a by-pass feeder or use a Sentinel Dosing Vessel.
Sealed Systems: If the system is empty, add to any convenient point before filling. If full, use a Sentinel Dosing Vessel to inject via the filling loop or other access point.

Physical properties:

Appearance: Beige/Tan dispersion
Specific gravity:1.15 (20?C)
pH (concentrate): 6.5 (approx)
Freezing point: -4?C