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What is Checkatrade?

When you need work doing around your home, finding reputable tradesmen can be difficult. Can you really trust them? Checkatrade is a free service that gives you the background information you need to make a confident decision.

We offer you a directory of trades and services who have been vetted to our high standards, for example by verifying their insurance, qualifications and professional memberships. Not only that, but we also monitor their work on an ongoing basis by collecting feedback directly from their customers.

Since 1998 we have collected 481808 (as of 11/09/2011) customer reports which give you the facts about the strengths and weaknesses of our listed companies. You know what you are getting. Recommendation, reputation, and a standard you can trust. And we have over 5528 registered professional trades.

Checkatrade has now spread nation wide.  The video above was shown on ITV News 2nd June 2006

How does it work?

When you need a tradesman, it is hard to know if you are getting someone trustworthy.

But who to choose?
The telephone directory is a lottery. A friend’s recommendation is well-meaning, but only tells you the tradesman did a good job once.

What you need is a good reputation that you can check for yourself.

Checkatrade makes it easyPhone Checkatrade’s Trade Appraisal Line 0845 408 4866 or view details of their many recommended, vetted and monitored businesses online.

Search for what you need in your area. Every business has been vetted and monitored: read all their feedback and results for yourself, including what their past customers think, and what work they have completed.

Must send in my feedback card!

After a job well done, fill out a customer feedback card to let us know how the work went. Your feedback and comments go straight into our database to keep the public up to speed on who they can trust.

Why it works

The success of Checkatrade lies in the power of partnership.

Consumers want to find tradesmen on whom they can rely to do a good job. Our trades and services want the phone to be ringing with genuine customers who trust them from the start. Checkatrade brings the two together.

Years ago neighbours would recommend a local trader over the garden fence, and through word of mouth a reputation was built. These days it can be harder for the word to spread and the threat of rogue traders has increased. Checkatrade has brought word of mouth recommendation back for the twenty-first century using modern technology and the Internet.

We rely on consumers to give us feedback on our member trades and services. This information is presented here for all to see. We rely on our member businesses to maintain the Checkatrade standard, knowing that they will be publicly exposed if they do not. For our part, we continue to display honestly the results of consumer feedback and our vetting procedure.

This three-way partnership is a powerful combination to solve the problem of rogue traders across the UK.

Monitoring Feedback Cards

When Perfect Heating & Plumbing completes any work on your property you are given a monitoring / customer feedback card. Once you have filled in this card, simply put it in the post (pre-paid) and your scores and comments will be updated onto the CheckaTrade web site. Previous clients comments and scores can be viewed BEFORE you even ask Perfect Heating & Plumbing for an estimate. This system really does work, and helps you, the client, feel safe in the knowledge that you are dealing with a professional company.

You will find that our average score is 9.7 out of ten, and we have over 515 positive client comments


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