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The Benefits of Softened Water

Water Softener

You will be amazed at the difference that having a water softener installed will make to your family, and how much money you will save on cleaning, washing products and your time.  Having a water softener will transform the way soap, washing power and shampoos work, giving you a rich lather which will wash away easily leaving you skin feeling soft and smooth.

Your laundry will feel softer and your colours will remain brighter for longer.  Hot water cylinders and boiler heat exchangers will not scale up, and heat up quicker.

If you have any form of silk conditions, many water softener owners have reported how the softened water has improved their condition.

Supporting documentation can be read here thanks to


Hard water contains calcium and magnesium, these combined causing unsightly deposits of limescale and soap scum on the surface of kitchen taps, and within the sink bowl.  These deposits require frequent cleaning (your valuable time) with expensive harsh cleaning products. The water also looks unpleasant as soap reacts with the magnesium in the water making it look gray and cloudy.

Smoother, Softer Skin & Hair

You will be amazed the first time that you wash you in softened water.  Your hands will feel softer and silkier and your hair will feel amazing improving your hair washing experience. Softened water can also help people with skin conditions.

Here are some article found upon the BBC website

Water softener eczema relief hope Scientists are investigating if installing a home water softener can relieve children’s eczema symptoms………

Eczema linked to hard water Eczema in young children could be linked to hard water, according to new research in the Lancet…………………………

Softwater Eczema trial  Researchers at Portsmouth University installed a water softener……………………

British water also comment Softened water and health.

Kitchen Kettle (Hard water Indication)

How often do you have to clean the inside of your kettle from limescale?  This is a great indication of how hard your water is.

The build up of lime scale within your kettle proves that you are in a hard water area, and could greatly benefit from the installation of a water softener.

Limescale is a great insulation material, that why a kettle with limescale inside it will “pop and bang” during heating.  Try it for yourself, listen to your lime scaled kettle the next time you make a hot drink.  Let the kettle cool down, remove the limescale with a de-scaling product suitable for kettles and then listen to how quite your kettle is the next time you make a hot drink. That lime scale is costing you money as it does not let the kettle heat the water as efficiently as possible.

Appliances (white goods)

Lime scale build up within kitchen appliances around the heating elements, can cause the life span of the appliance and reduces it heating efficiency.  The stainless steel inside of the dishwasher now looks as good as new ever day. A water softener will remove all existing scale from within the household appliances, pipe work and on surfaces such as showers and baths. You won’t need to replace them as soon as you would if you had hard water. A water softener will also prevent the scale from re-occurring.

Cloth Washing Machines (cleaner brighter laundry)

Once you have softened water you must use less washing powder/liquid, up to 65% less, otherwise you will have to many soap suds.  Using less detergent will also save you money and is good for the planet.  Also you will notice that the washing water inside your machine during a wash with softened water looks cleaner.

Lime Scale

Scale within your plumbing system and hot water cylinder will increase your heating bills.  As mentioned above scales is a great insulator and just 5mm of scale can increase your heating bills by 50%.  Softened water will overtime removes the lime scale which is already hiding with your plumbing systems.


Water marks left on shower screens, limescale around taps and shower heads will become a thing of the past once a water softener has been installed. Just think about how much time you will have to do better things once  you have no limescale to remove around your home.

Power Free

No electrical power is required to operate the unit, it was purely using water pressure.  Therefore reducing the running cost. And having no electrical components, timers or dials far less to go wrong.

Program Free

There are no complicated programs to set or for you to adjust during operation.

How Much Sodium Is There In Soft Water

In the process of creating the soft water sodium in introduced into your water, but how much and what can you compare it to.

A normal adult is required in have a daily intake of around 2,400mg.

Both natural and manufactured foods and drinks contain sodium, but you softened water contains very little.  You would have to drink 60 glasses of softened water to achieve your normal daily intake of calcium.

As a comparison:-

  • A glass of milk contains 160mg

  • A slice of white bread contain 190mg

  • A glass of softened water contains only 40mg

So drinking a glass of milk you would consume 4 times the amount of sodium that one glass of softened water.

Will Soft Water Affect My Central Heating System

Softened water will have no adverse effect upon you central heating system, however I would not recommend that to whole system is  filled with softened water.  If you require to drain out your heating system for maintenance, I would recommend that the water softener is turned onto by-pass, when filling the heating system. 

All heating systems then should have an inhibitor installed such as Sentinel X100

Internal Lead Water Pipes

If you have lead internal water pipes you should not have a water softener installed.  About the only advantage of having had water is that the scale which foams on the inside of pipes will protect you from lead leaching out in to the water.

Having an external water main from the public foot path into your house is not a problem as only hard water to conveyed along this pipe.

Hard Water Supply To A Kitchen Tap

People can drink softened water without an adverse effects, however, it is recommended that a hard water supply is left at the kitchen sink, or an additional tap installed supplying hard water.

Babies and people on a low sodium diet should not drink softened water.


The units are very robust and require not regular maintenance other than the user add salt blocks or tablets.

If You Move Home

If you move home you can simple take the unit with you.  Its very simple to disconnect, or you can leave it there which may assist with the sale of your home.

Saving The Environment

Installing a water softener will also help save the environment. The excessive amounts of phosphates and chemicals used in our cleaning products mostly goes down the drain. By reducing this substantially you will help save our streams and rivers from the ravages of chemical degradation.

Choosing The Correct Softener

Its very important to have the correct water softener specified for you plumbing system.  Having spent days researching for a water softener for my own house I decided upon a Harvey Water Softener.  I have a Combi boiler and it works a treat.  Its quite in operation, uses block salt (easy to lift and carry) and requires no electrical energy to power it (another cost saving).  It only uses 17ltrs of water during regeneration (a process to wash away the hardness that it has removed from your water) some other companies use up to 30ltrs.  I was so impressed that I attended a training session to be able to offer all of the benefits of this great British made water softener to others.

Another very important feature is the Harvey patented “displacement” water metering system.  Its highly accurate meaning that the softener will only “regenerate” when required saving you money on wastage of salt and water used during this cleaning process.

I am able to give you a demonstration within your own kitchen of the benefits of the softener, it only takes around 40-50 minutes.  Please call to arrange a demonstration.

As with all products there is a massive difference between buying a cheap product, that you think will do the job, and buying the correct product.  During my visit I will explain the differences between single and twin tank water softeners and technologies used, for you to be able to make your own informed decision.

My demonstration is a friendly and informative presentation, you will not be pressured into signing anything, and I will not ask you for any money either. 

Below is a video direct from Harvey Water Softeners that shows you what equipment will be used during the demonstration.

How Much Will It Cost

The initial cost will be less than other home improvements and the unit should be considered as an investment, one that will save you money every day.  The average pay back on your investment is between 4-5 years, and the life of the unit upwards of 20 years, so that’s great value for money.

Think about all of the benefits listed above, and the reduction in in your weekly shopping bill for soaps, cleaning products etc.

My Tests

Car Washing

Another test I have conducted was washing my dark blue car.  I washed it as normal using the normal car wash shampoo, when I  finished I left the water droplets on the car to dry in the sun (yes a rare day when the sun was out), I did not use a shammy to dry the car. When I returned 30 minutes later the car was dry and I could hardly see any water marks, the only ones were on a couple of the windows. I put this down to not washing off the soap correctly.  Next time I wash the car (not that often) I will update this post.


With softened water you will get a smooth wet shave and the razor will glide across your skin.  You will of course have to use less shaving foam/gel. After washing your face your skin will be left feeling soft and moisturised.

Shower Screen

Since fitting the softener we have not had to clean our large shower cubical.  I am still testing this, only drying one half of it, the other half is left with all the water droplet on it, to see how long it takes for any water marks to appear, so far so good.

Bathroom Tiles

The tiles within the shower cubical also have not marked so far and still feel squeaky clean.

As I find more reason to have a water softener I will add them above.

Block salt can be ordered from

It can also be collected for Harvey’s Factor even at the weekend Opening hours on a Saturday are between 08:30 to 12:30 but always call before you travel to ensure they are open.