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Water Usage

According to the Consumer Council for Waters website the average water usage is shown below.  More deatils can be found on their website


Metering – How much water does an ‘average’ person/household use?


Because water usage varies enormously, it is difficult to give a specific answer, but the table below will give you an idea of what we think are reasonable figures. You can monitor your own usage by reading the meter regularly or comparing the amounts recorded on your bills. By doing so, leaks or other problems (for which you may be responsible) can be picked up as early as possible.The table below provides an approximate guide to how much water different types of households might use. The table is a rough guide only. If you want more detail about how much water you think you will use, please calculate your usage using our water meter calculator.


Number of PeopleLiving at HomeANNUAL WATER USAGEIN CUBIC METRES Annual cost base on £3.0 per cubic metre
Low / Average / HighLow/Average/High
One45 / 66 / 100135/198/300
Two55 / 110 / 136 165/330/408
Three82 / 136 / 175246/408/525
Four110 / 165 / 210 330/495/630
Five136 / 182 / 245 408/546/735
Six155 / 200 / 265 465/600/795

The prices are average and a guideline only, based on a household receiving water and wastewater services from Southern Water during 2012/2013. The guides are based on a flat profile of water consumption throughout the year.

This charge is worked out on the basis that 92.5 per cent of water used goes into the sewers, because some is used in the gardens or evaporates.

The £3.5 figure has been calculated to include the standing charge applied to water supply and waste water.


Typical cost for using water in the home

Domestic useWater Cost (pence)Litres Used
Flushing the Toilet1.0-3.06-9.5
Watering the garden160.0540 per hour
Using a dishwasher620
Above Source: Ofwat 2009
Water softener cleaning5.017
Water softener cleaning9.030

Note: cost for water softeners does not include the cost of the salt


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